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At Mica we believe in the ‘Drip Drip’ Marketing Philosophy, you can learn more about how and why this method of advertising works in our recruitment brochure.

If you fall into one of the two following categories, please use the form below to fill in your details and receive a FREE information pack and / or contact from a Mica retail development manager to discuss your plans.

 “I am the current owner / proprietor of a hardware / DIY store”

Any existing retailer is very welcome to join Mica. When Mica first started out in the UK it was entirely made up of existing independents like yourself who decided that this was what they needed to drive their business.

All we ask for is enthusiastic participation, and in no time at all your business can be growing, with Mica, and you never know, you might just make some friends along the way too!

“I don’t currently have a Store”

To succeed in this Mica business venture you do not need a retail background. What you need is drive, ambition, dedication and a burning desire to satisfy your customers every need.

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