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Co-operation Between Members

At Mica we think one of the most important elements of being part of the group is coming together for mutual benefit, to build working relationships and friendships.

Promotions Committee

Any member is welcome to attend the decision making process for consumer promotional leaflets. Members view offers and sample products from suppliers and brainstorm ideas together. If you can’t make it you’re welcome to submit feedback or ideas through another member or by email to head office.

Mica Exchange

Come together with fellow independent retailers to exchange ideas and celebrate success at the annual Mica Exchange.
This event is held at a luxury hotel and moves around the UK each year to allow as many members as possible to attend. So far its been held in 2011 in Derby, in 2012 in Bristol, in 2013 in Edinburgh and in 2014 in Cardiff. It includes the ‘Supplier Exchange’ where members to sit down with Mica suppliers, each for a short period of time and talk business, new product & special deals. It also encompasses the Mica AGM, plus the less business focussed Mica Gala Dinner, which includes the Member & Supplier Awards for the past year & plenty of wine on the table!
Many long-standing friendships have been formed through these events, inter-members but also between members and suppliers.

Regional Meetings

Through the year a series of regional meetings are held, which allow members to meet with others from within their region to discuss current information and issues affecting members in your local area. Regional meetings are usually more informal and require less travel time.

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