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Mica: Marketing its Members

How much should you advertise yourself?

Business Consultants recommend that all retail businesses spend a minimum of 2% of their turnover on marketing themselves to encourage growth and stave off decline.
Using our promotional leaflets regularly is the most direct, cost effective and simple way of reaching out to your local consumers, so use that two percent wisely! By branding your store clearly as a Mica shop, you tie in the benefits of the Mica leafleting with your own store. This way you remind customers of your range of products, tempt them in with special offers, and keep you firmly in the front of their mind when it comes to looking for the goods you offer..

Why Mica Marketing Campaigns?

At Mica we believe that success is achieved through hard work, determination and on-going professional marketing campaigns. That is why we have our own dedicated in-house marketing team to help take the stress out of success.

“One of the benefits of joining Mica is the monthly promotions. Everything is done for us, from the selection of products, to leaflet design, to the organisation of leaflet distribution, its fantastic”. (Walkers Mica, Dunoon)"

Leafleting Options

We offer two leaflet options, firstly, with its 9 core categories, and expandable to double feature size for peak trading periods before Christmas & Easter, the Complete Mica leaflet (above right).
Secondly, the Specialist DIY leaflet. This is a fresh design for stores that focus on DIY products alone, (no housewares etc) it has around half the number of products of the complete leaflet.

Instore Packs

We also offer instore material for each promotion which is crucial to associate the leaflet through the door with your shop, and also draw extra attention to those special products offers. This is flexible in terms of what you require (tickets, instore leaflets, posters, banners, shelf wobblers etc).

Store Overprints

Best personalisation on the market with our store overprints in full colour Mica Blue, personalisable prominent store name on front page along with address line and 4 key departments, on the back page again the full store name, plus full address, telephone number, opening hours and up to nine unique product/service symbols of your choosing.

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