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Our on the road team brings expert advice and experience from up and down the country to your store, free of charge!
We offer support for new and existing stores joining Mica with a Store Development Program, tailored to the individual shop unit. Whichever position you are in, we can help! Your Retail Development Manager is there to help you grow your business, as a Mica store and as an example of best practice in customer service, and profitability!

New Store Setup

If you are starting from scratch, your Retail Development Manager will work with you to source the best prices on all the hard furnishings, and offer advice on the best racking, lighting, flooring and all the other hundreds of elements involved in starting a store.

Once you have your shop unit ready for stock, we can also help with stocking out the store, with assistance from Mica suppliers offering new customer discounts, free P.O.S. & Displays, and sharing with you best seller lists for key brands.

We will then assist you with designs for a fascia, internal point of sale material, uniforms, till systems & much more, all of which are the finishing touches before you can open the doors. And of course, once the doors are open, you need to tell people you are there! That’s why we provide a store managers pack so you can set up targeted marketing with Mica promotional leaflets.

But it doesn’t end there...

Of course, now you’re a fully fledged and open Mica store, you’re entitled to everything else the Retail Development Manager has to offer to existing store joiners in terms of on-going support.

Existing Store Membership

From the start, you will work together on a point by point plan to increase your turnover. They can also help if you are planning a refit, extension or even an expansion to a larger/second store. If you're sticking with what you've got, we can still provide you with a detailed floor plan of your store and work with you in the long-term, looking department by department to maximise your stores takings per square foot.

Your Retail Development Manager will also assist you to combine your store’s image with the Mica brand. They will be able to help with any internal branding, including ordering uniforms, assistance with Fascia design and options, internal Point of Sale, etc etc.

They will also on an ongoing basis offer assistance with merchandising, to improve your racking & displays, help improve your add-on sales, with product knowledge & customer service training, and of course in getting the from your suppliers, with assistance from Mica suppliers in sourcing free P.O.S.

There for You

Of course if you have any day to day problems that we can help with, problems with a specific product or supplier, we’re there for that too!

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