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Joining an Independent Co-operative

There are thousands (literally, quite if you take advantage of our hundreds of supplier partner relationships, exclusive annual rebates and thousands of special Mica promotional prices) of reasons to join Mica, we’ve devoted a whole separate page to our supplier partners and here we’ve distilled a few of the others into a few key points:

Tailored Marketing

Mica has a reputation for producing some of the best advertising for independents in the DIY sector - and don’t ask us, ask our Members and our suppliers what they think!

“One of the benefits of joining Mica is the monthly promotions. Everything is done for us, from the selection of products, to leaflet design, to the organisation of leaflet distribution, its fantastic”.
Walkers Mica, Dunoon

Group marketing was one of the core reasons Mica were set up; to save individual retailers time in arranging and putting together advertising campaigns; so it stands to reason that after nearly 25 years we’d have got pretty expert at it. We’d like to promote your business too, and here are just a few of the reasons why Mica marketing puts the rest in the shade:

  • All advertised products are selected by Members themselves, and any Member can get involved
  • Every advertising campaign Mica produces comes ready with deliverable hardcopy brochure, instore point of sale including A1 posters, website product listing & banners, and hero Facebook product adverts.
  • All brochures prominently display the name of the store, front and back, complete with a custom colour overprint.
  • Fresh advertising is available every month, and Members choose which advertising campaigns to participate in, and how they want to distribute the materials.

Instore Support

  • Our Retail Managers have decades of experience in retail, and are here to help in whatever way suits your business.
  • They have experience in everything from product diversification to staff training to full refits.
  • If you’re having issues with any particular suppliers or products, they want to hear about it on the visit so they can solve the problem for you before their next call to see you.


  • Throught group ownership, all profits from the business are either returned to the Membership or reinvested in the group on behalf of the Members.
  • Mica holds regular national and regional meetings to allow Members to get together to catch up and discuss thoughts and ideas for the future.
  • We visit Mica Suppliers to learn more about the products sold instore, and Members shops to get inspiration on best practice to take home.


  • In this increasingly digital age, Mica’s own website is another route for customers to find a Mica store.
  • The Mica website also offers a wealth of private data in the Members area, and the ability to, for example, update shop details, submit claims, send promotion stock orders and download latest pricelists.
  • Mica operates a private forum group for Members to exchange thoughts & ideas, ask questions and keep up to date
  • Following digital development work with partners we provide Members a ’pay once, split the cost’ websites to all stores who want one, reducing the cost of their digital footprint whilst making the websites customised to Mica stores needs

Membership Perks

  • The Mica Head Office team is always only a phonecall or email away, and will always try our best to solve any problem that’s cropped up instore for one of our Members.
  • Our marketing team offers a free bespoke design service exclusive to Members for anything from newspaper adverts to new shop frontages, to help keep costs down.
  • We are also seasoned experts in public relations, and we’ve helped countless Members with newspaper articles in the past.

This is just a taster of the different things Mica can do for your business. To learn more, click the join us button or call the number listed above!



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