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Mica: Working with Top Name Brands

Sell yourself through your product

Mica believe in selling and advertising the best and biggest brands around on our consumer advertising, as we believe these well nurtured names will always be the most trusted by consumers. Before you even think about Customer service, you can gain a trusted reputation as a seller of top quality goods simply by stocking those top rated brands and taking the credit by association.

Advertising & Promotions

Along side this we are safe in the knowledge that these brands will from time to time (or continuously) promote themselves, at no cost to you! Whether it be on television, on the radio or online, top brand names push themselves into the marketplace and into consumers consciousness, thereby creating increased demand for the product, which you can then take advantage of!

Buy in Bulk

Therefore it will come as no surprise that we have close relationships with many of the companies behind these brands. By buying together, you can then take advantage of improved group terms which are the same for every member, big or small! There are lots of other reasons for buying through Mica, here are just a few:

  1. Spend less time buying, and more time selling on the shop floor.
  2. Gain rebate through selected Mica suppliers.
  3. Gain confidence that your cost price will always be competitive.
  4. Strengthen Mica to enable further improved terms
  5. Stimulate supplier support (training, promotional etc)

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