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Article : Welcome to our New Mica Co-operative Group Website

Date: Tuesday 28th February, 2012

The new Mica website is finally here, and we’re really excited to see it launch!

This is the first phase in a roll out of Mica Member’s individual websites, set up and supported by the Mica group.

Once these sites go live, you will be able to directly link to them from the store finder.

The storefinder itself is extra special. Not only does it pinpoint each Mica store in the United Kingdom (we have stores in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland), but if you click on the map, it will take you through to a live uptodate google map of that part of the country, allowing you to then select store’s to find out more information. Here you will also find a store picture, address & telephone details, and a link to a 1 page guide to your local Mica store if you don’t want to visit their full site.

The new Mica site doesn’t end with the storefinder though, we have also included a whole host of information relating to what is involved in becoming a Mica retailer yourself, including the core aspects of the business - our marketing, our buying arm (suppliers) and the retail support facility we offer.

We will also be using this site in the future to run Competitions in hand with the Promotion Brochures we distribute, giving you the chance to win prizes from Mica suppliers, sharing hints & tips from Mica independent retailers & suppliers, and of course allowing you to view the Mica promotion leaflet every month, using a new ’page turning’ live view mechanism.

We hope you enjoy using our new site, look out for more information and updates coming soon!


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