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Article : Working together to improve household security.

Date: Monday 16th July, 2012

All it takes is a little bottle . . . . . . and a simple dab of Crimestoppers Property Protector to give ALL your valuables a lifetime of protection.

You can now get some reassuring help to protect your valuables with a new relationship between Crimestoppers & the Mica Co-operative group to offer the Crimestoppers Property Protector in participating stores. This innovative product will featuring on Mica’s forthcoming July promotion brochure, and the Co-operative of Hardware & DIY retailers will also promote Crimestoppers Practical hints & tips for securing consumer property, vehicles & personal safety on their website.

With the overall aim to widen the availability and reduce crime in our communities, the Crimestoppers branded product, manufactured by Stealth Mark, is an effective low cost solution to deterring crime. Each bottle provides up to 200 applications and comes with deterrent stickers for your home and valuables. Available at Mica stores with a starter price equivalent to less than 10p per application - it represents great value.

The product is a patented, police approved technology licensed under the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), secured by design accreditation scheme. Simply by dabbing a small amount of Crimestoppers Property Protector onto your valuable items you give them their own coded fingerprint. This buy once, protect forever product then offers you a free lifetime listing on the national property registration database to aid recovery of stolen items by the Police to the rightful owner.

Mica Chief Executive, Steve Ball said: “Mica is keen to support those seeking to make your community a safer place to live. As a vital part of the local communities we serve, independent Mica stores are often family owned, as well as run. We are proud to be supporting Crimestoppers by promoting this product, on our national consumer brochures, and raising awareness through our website.”

Clive Smith, Chairman at Stealth Mark Europe said: “It has been a long held vision of ours to make our technology as widely available as possible. And at no cost to the public purse, the listing by Mica stores is a further move towards helping to reduce in the cost and burden that crime inflicts on our local communities, and what better way than through the Mica Co-operative group of Local Independent DIY and Hardware stores, who are in touch with their local community needs.”

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