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Article : T. Dickey & Co Mica Hardware and RKW Lead the Way at Mica Awards

Date: Thursday 28th March, 2013

Sunday evening saw the presentation of the Mica Member & Supplier Awards, celebrating success in 2012 with Awards nominated by the membership.

Beginning with the Supplier Awards, Geocel took home the first award for ‘Best New Supplier’, pipping Dexam and NW Keys to first place.

The second award was the Promotional Supplier of the Year, Dexam were again runners up, this time for their proactive promotion support, alongside last years winner Ronseal. Presenting the award, Mr. David Hidgcock, owner of David Neill Mica Hardware and member of the Mica Promotions Committee said of the winner, Draper Tools;

“They have presented reliably good quality and excellent value promotional offers, which the promotions committee have returned to again and again.”

The next award of the night was slightly different, with the Representative of the Year recognising the efforts of a single individual whose outstanding actions have contributed to the growth of members businesses. The runners up were (the aforementioned) Mr. Phil Rowley of Draper Tools and Mr. Dan Jordan of LG Harris and Sons, with Mr. George Forsythe of Deanston Electrical taking the prize, collecting the Award from Mr. Paul Walker of Walkers Mica Hardware.

The final Supplier Award, the coveted Supplier of the Year Award, was presented appropriately by another recent award winner, named National Retailer of the Year at the recent DIYweek Awards, Mr. Colin Henrich of Mainlys of Devizes Mica Hardware. The Gold this time went to RKW for their all round excellent performance. Coming in a close second were Stax Trade Centres, twice previous winners, and Deanston Electrical. Collecting the award, Mr. Paul Thornell of RKW said;

“I’m gob smacked - I really didn’t expect this, thank you for the recognition. This will be taking pride of place in the office!”

Moving onto the Member Awards, Promotions Co-ordinator Dianne Foster presented the first award, for Promotional Excellence in 2012, to Mrs Caryl Mutimer on behalf of the Merlin Mica Hardware Sawston Branch. Runners up included DIYweek Awards Silver Hardware Retailer of the Year Halls Mica Hardware, the aforementioned Mainlys of Devizes Mica, and Nibletts Mica Hardware.

Mr. Thomas Dixon of Double Tee Tools Mica Hardware, last years winner of the Member Growth Award, was back to present this years award. This award is presented to the member with the largest percentage growth in sales year on year, the nominee’s were Coopers Mica Local, in Pickering, First Choice Mica Hardware of Finsbury Park, and Woodpicker Mica Hardware in Ilkley. It was Woodpicker who claimed the prize, collected by store manager Mr. Simon Warren.

The final two awards were presented by Mica CEO Mr. Steve Ball, and the first of these was the Member Purchasing Award, nominated for the biggest increase in sales during 2012. The nominee’s were David Neill Mica Hardware, Merlin Mica Hardware and Morris Mica Hardware. The winner was an awkward one for Steve as he had to hand his own chairman the Award, but to quote Steve;

“Sometimes this is just how things fall. And I don’t think people realise just how much you do for Mica and it’s important to recognise this.”

The final award of the night was the Cooperative Spirit Award. This is given to a member who has made an outstanding contribution to the Mica cause, and this years winner was highly fitting. Mr. John Dickey of T. Dickey & Co Mica Hardware took away the prize, for numerous reasons including travelling thousands of miles annually to attend board meetings from Invinestown in County Fermanagh, and being the driver in many new aspects of Mica in recent years.

Congratulations to all of this years winners!

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  • Rep of the Year -  Paul Walker of Walkers Mica presents George Forsythe of Deanston Electrical with the Award
  • Supplier of the Year - Colin Henrich of Mainlys of Devizes Mica presenting Paul Thornell of RKW with the Award
  • Promotional Excellence Award - Dianne Foster of Mica DIY presents Mrs Caryl Mutimer of Merlin Mica Hardware