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Article : The Mica Member Awards 2015

Date: Friday 26th June, 2015

Walkers receive from Robin PageThe Mica Member awards are respected accolades Members can acquire for being outstanding in a range of fields and 2015 began with the Excellence in Promotional Displays Award which rewards Members who innovatively and effectively display promotional material During the year. The nominees were Mainlys of Devizes Mica, Ryans Mica DIY Centre, T. Dickey & Co Mica Hardware and Walkers Mica Home & Garden. Walkers claimed the prize which was presented by Mr Robin Page to Mr. Paul & Ian Walker (pictured left).


All Mica Members buy through their co-operative group but Kennedys receives from Michael Ballsome go the extra mile to maximise the rebates and other group benefits they receive. The Purchasing Commitment Award is given to the Member with the highest confirmed percentage purchases through Mica in the last year. The three nominees were: Halls Mica Hardware, Kennedys Mica Hardware and Merlin Mica Hardware. Kennedys Mica Hardware took away the award which was presented by Marketing Manager & CEO Designate Mr Michael Ball and was received by store owner Mr John Horwood (pictured right).

 St. Annes receives from Michael BallThe Growing Business Award is for the member with thebiggest increase in purchases through Mica in the last year. Nominated for this award were Greenford Timber Mica Local, St. Annes Mica Hardware and Tollgate Mica hardware but the biggest increase was made by St. Annes Mica who won the award. It was received by Mr & Mrs Ian & Shirley Haslam also from Mr Michael Ball pictured left.


The night ended with the prestigious Co-operative Spirit award. This award is given to a Mica Member who has made an outstanding contribution to Mica Colin Jenkins receives from Steve Balland its members going beyond the required call of duty. The award was received by Mr. Colin Jenkins which was presented by Mica CEO Mr. Steve Ball saying “This year’s winner retires this year as a director of Mica after a great contribution over many years and has recently been most helpful in support of fellow members.”


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