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Article : Winners Announced for Mica Special Service Award 2020

Date: Wednesday 16th December, 2020

Mica held it’s AGM on Sunday 13th December, and as well as the usual business functions of the event included fundraising for the Rainy Day Trust and results from a membership awards poll.

The Cooperative’s usual annual Gala Dinner & Awards evening, like so many fundraising and recognition events in 2020 had been cancelled due to covid regulations back in August.

Using a virtual AGM as an alternative venue, Christmas jumpers were donned in exchange for a donation to the Rainy Day Trust. The membership had also been asked to vote from amongst all of Mica’s partner suppliers for a 2020 Special Service Award, and three clear leaders had emerged as winners.

The award is given in recognition of outstanding customer service to independent retailers in a pandemic. Said Business Unit Director Mr. Michael Ball;

“Given the difficulties all businesses have had to go through during 2020, we felt it appropriate to seek the views of the membership on who had gone the extra mile during this most difficult of years and find a way to recognise that.”

The three winners were Stax Trade Centres, with wholesale branches across Great Britain; RKW, an electrical & housewares wholesaler based in Stoke-on-Trent; and RoDO Ltd, a decorating sundry products supplier based in Droylsden, Greater Manchester.

Mr. Ball noted members had been particularly impressed by Stax’s adaption as both a cash & carry and wholesaler to covid19 conditions and continued regular deliveries throughout the pandemic, whilst Rodo were felt to have really stepped up through covid, putting up consumer promotions as early as May. Finally RKW were recognised in particular for their excellent communications with members throughout the pandemic.

Said Mica Chairman Mr. David Morris;

“Some suppliers have had to quickly change processes to stay open, for others the challenge has been the unexpected rise in demand. As retailers we have to appreciate those who have succeeded in adapting and been able to supply us with stock at times of unprecedented customer demand.”

A round of applause was given at the AGM for all three winners in recognition of their help to the Mica membership during this extraordinary pandemic year.

Mica’s annual gathering has been postponed to May 2021 in Conwy, North Wales, where it is hoped members will be able to regather, subject to covid restrictions being lifted.

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