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Article : Co-op Fortnight 2021

Date: Monday 21st June, 2021

Mica is the UK’s only co-operative of independent hardware & DIY stores, and the 21st June sees the start of Co-op Fortnight in association with Cooperatives UK.

Co‑ops operate in every sector of the economony but they are all owned and controlled by their members, in our case our retailers but in other cases the workers or the customers.

People become members for lots of different reasons, and this Co‑op Fortnight (21 June to 4 July 2021) Coop Fortnights theme is to encourage everyone to #JoinACoop.

Mica is always looking for new interested retailers to join, just click the ’join Mica’ button on the right hand side to start your journey with Mica. If however you’re looking diy, home or garden products, look no further than your local Mica store.

If you’re interested in discovering or joining other cooperatives in your part of the world, use this website directory to find them: -

In association with Cooperatives Fortnight our latest consumer advertising the month is themed around the idea of cooperation - ’Naturally Cooperative’. A large range of offers on products from Cuprinol to Brabantia to Superglue to Draper Tools are available for a limited period.

These promotions will be visible down the right hand side of the page to this article for their duration (but will be archived at the conclusion).

Mica produces monthly consumer advertising like this customised for its members from products 100% selected by its retailers to take advantage of the quantities of scale benefits of group buying and production for its retailers. This enables them to save time planning their own promotions and drive down the costs they charge to their customers.

The Covid‑19 pandemic has made every business rethink how we do things. Co-operatives offer so much to our society by giving back locally, to their communities, as well as the UK ecomony.

Help us get that message out there this Co‑op Fortnight!

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