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NATURAL MATERIALS & Eco-friendly ways to clean! YOUR LOCAL INDEPENDENT’S BRAND Vinegar & Bicarb can be used as cheap alternatives to solvent cleaners - all over the home! Unclog a Drain: • 125g of Bicarb followed by 125ml Vinegar down the drain and cover with a wet cloth. Flush with hot water after 5 minutes Smelly Trainers • Freshen up after your summer run by sprinkling bicarb in your shoes and gym bag Bargain! only £ 8 Ultra Power Fly Papers 24 Pack • Cost effective insect control • White paper with natural attractant 367718 Great price! only £ 2 Pack of 50 Paper Straws • Environmentally friendly - helping to reduce your plastic waste • Assorted colours & striped 17311011 Great value only £ 12 .50 WOW! only £ 9 Ultra Power Natural Insect Killer Bomb 2 Pack • One shot aerosol bomb kills off flies, fleas, bed bugs, and other insect pests • Ideal for indoor living spaces, as well as lofts, outbuilding and more Contains natural Pyrethrins 367705 E G RE N L E I V With our first eco focussed Mica leaflet Natural Action Pest Control Replace your plastics. . . Set of 4 Stainless Steel Straws • 2 straight & 2 x bent straws • Coloured silicone tips • Dishwasher safe, & includes cleaning brush 17311009 Our price only £ 3 .50 22cm Only £ 1 .50 Bicarbonate of Soda 500g • Many household uses to clean and freshen around the home 802501 Great value only £ 6 Non-Stick Parchment Roasting bags - Pack of 6 • FSC certified: made from ethically sourced and sustainable trees • Unbleached, chlorine-free greaseproof paper • Oven safe up to 220ºC • 100% natural and allergen free 153J25073 Only £ 2 FSC Certified Large Baking Cups X 60 • Unbleached, totally chlorine-free greaseproof paper • Even the packaging is eco-friendly! 153J25010 Only £ 5 “Whebroo” Drinks Mug Apple Green 450ml • Reusable mug made from wheat fibre, a natural alternative to plastic • Heat resistant grip handle • Heat resistant to 110ºC • Hand wash only 17311022 Set of Three Assorted Size Wraps • The different sizes have a variety of uses, allowing you to wrap up snacks or cover bowls of fresh ingredients & leftovers instead of using cling film or kitchen foil • Small - (7''x 8''/18x20cm) Medium - (10''x11''/25x28cm) Large - (13''x14''/33x36cm) 1533003 Great value only £ 19 Natural Insect Killer Auto Dispenser & Refill • Kills flies, wasps and mosquitoes and other nuisance flying insects • 24 hour protection • Contains dispenser and one refill can (200ml) • Contains natural Pyrethrins 367713 13''x13''/33x33cm Re-usable Sandwich Wrap • Used several times a week it will last up to one year • Wash with cool water & soap, then hang to dry • Made with organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin and is fully biodegradable and compostable 1531313 Our price only £ 8 .50 Natural White Vinegar 500ml • A simple, safe and traditional solution perfect for a range of uses including cleaning glass, mirrors and removing limescale, dirt & grime 817690 just £ 1 .50 347729 Hand and Laundry Soap • Great for lifting stains from fabric as a pre-treatment before a machine/hand wash • Can be taken in hand luggage on aircraft Great value only £ 3 .50 Try t his. . . Pack of 5 Natural Sponge Cloths • Cloths & packaging made from 100% renewable resources • Washable & reusable 153J25061 Bargain! only £ 5 Eco Friendly Descaler 250ml • This natural, organic descaler contains formic acid & is biodegradeable, chorine-free, phosphate-free, & does not bio-accumulate • Use on kettles, coffee makers, steam irons and shower heads KRECO Our price only £ 2 .50